Emergency Dentist in Albany Creek

If you experience a persistent toothache or a dental injury, it’s important to be able count on your local dentist for an emergency appointment. At Platinum Dental Studio, our experienced dentists offer emergency dental treatment you can rely on!

We offer same day emergency appointments! please give our friendly staff a call before coming in

Our range of emergency services includes:

How should you handle a dental emergency?

If you are experiencing severe oral pain, cannot use your mouth properly or have undergone trauma that has greatly altered the natural appearance of your teeth, it’s best to call your dentist right away.

Toothaches and dental injuries must be professionally treated as soon as possible in order to avoid more pain, complications and expensive procedures.

Home Remedies

If you can’t visit us right away and you want to alleviate the pain, there are a range home remedies that can ease your discomfort, some of these include:

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