Teeth Whitening

Are you self-conscious about the colour of your teeth? At Platinum Dental Studio we offer both at home and in chair teeth whitening options that can help brighten your smile and improve your confidence!

The procedure

Pre-whitening visit: in order to proceed with the whitening treatment, it is mandatory to have a checkup and clean prior to the whitening appointment. This is to make sure that the tooth surface is clean so that an effective and pain free whitening can be achieved.

 In chair whitening: During an in-chair whitening procedure, the whitening paste will be applied to your teeth and a light will be applied to them to activate the whitening. The procedure will take about an hour.

The benefits of in chair whitening include:

  • Quick procedure
  • Safe treatment
  • Immediate results

We also offer at home whitening where you can use whitening trays to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home.

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