Space Maintainers

What is a space maintainer and when is it used?

Space maintainer are an orthodontic appliance used when a baby tooth is lost earlier than it should due to decay or infection. They are used to keep a child’s teeth properly aligned and allow adult teeth to develop and erupt normally, so they won’t be overly crooked or overcrowded.

After a space maintainer is implemented, your child will need ongoing follow up and monitoring to reassess for orthodontic treatment later on.

Why your child may need a space maintainer

A space maintainer may be necessary when a baby tooth has been lost prematurely, reasons for premature tooth loss include:

  • extensive decay
  • gum or tooth infection
  • dental trauma
  • orthodontics

What to expect after your child gets a space maintainer?

Most children to not experience any pain following the fitting of a space maintainer. We ask that your child avoid eating excessively hard or chewy foods as this can dislodge the space maintainer.

The space maintainer is removed once the permanent tooth starts growing into the space.

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