Stainless Steel Crowns

A stainless-steel crown is a metal crown used for the restoration of severely decayed milk teeth. They are generally used on the back milk teeth because of their silver appearance.

Why are stainless steel crowns necessary?

In baby teeth with severe decay, a stainless-steel crown is a better option that a white filling. This is because it is stronger and provides better protection against further decay and the tooth is less likely to require further treatment.

Treating the tooth is often a better option than extraction because extraction can lead to a loss of space for the adult tooth. This can cause problems with overcrowding and bite in the future. Hence ensuring the survival of baby teeth is important

Advantages of stainless-steel crowns

  • strongest restoration for baby teeth
  • provides complete coverage restoration
  • can be placed without the need for anesthetic or drilling
  • prevents decay from progressing

One of the biggest advantages of stainless-steel crowns is that the procedure is relatively simple and painless and can be placed without drilling and anesthetic. For children who may be anxious in the dental chair, this procedure shouldn’t be stressful.

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